We provide the finished project either through email or by meeting in person.

Depending on your personal need, we offer a wide spectrum of services form design concepts to ordering and installation, while closely supervising the completion of the project.

We offer a range of services:

BASIC – 2D custom design

  • 2-3 proposals for design with the top views, dimensions included.

  • The dimensions are approximate and will take into the account the average size of home equipment available on the Polish market or equipment specifically requested by the client.

  • If a client desires we can provide detailed drawings of each wall

STANDARD – 3D custom design

  1. Custom designed plan based on previous discussion with the client

– 3D design with 2-3 color schemes

B. After accepting a custom design plan the customer will receive

  • Drawings with location of all electrical elements such as sources of lighting, sockets, switches

  • Drawings with location of water-sewage connections

  • Drawings of dry walls with cross-section

  • Dimensions of the fire-place

  • Dimensions of atypical furniture with the description of materials used

  • Estimated amount of tiles needed for the bathroom

  • Estimated amount of tiles for the Water Closet (WC)

  • Estimated amount of the remaining materials needed for completion of the project (floor, floor moldings, wall paper, etc.)

  • Calculation of the wall surfaces and ceilings for each color used in the project

Providing the above details will allow the client to make a selection of the remaining interior pieces (furniture, lighting fixtures, wall paper) based on the individual desires.

The advantage of this level compared to BASIC is to allow a client a chance to analyze the costs and to independently search for desired interior decoration.

(Visualizations are based on 3D drawings and pictures of materials which are accessible through the manufacturers)


Project comprises all of the STANDARD elements in addition to providing specification of all elements of interior design with description of finished materials, recommendation of buying centers and prices.

This provides a full service, which is the ideal solution to most design needs, but especially in the case of the bathroom and water closet (WC).